Saturday, June 20, 2009


Last night was an "Up"-themed night. Stef was having a sleepover with some friends, and rather than have Jess feel left out, I wanted to take her out to dinner and a movie. There were three "Up" moments over the course of the night:

1. Grown "Up": Unlike with Steff, Jess and I rarely do things that involve just the two of us; I think it's because she always wants Stef around. So during dinner I got a chance to spend time with Jess just focusing on her. I asked her about her friends, about school, her teachers, what she wanted to do this summer, and the boy at Fridays she thought was cute. I had my first "Up" moment of the night; for a split second, I could see myself having this exact same conversation with her 20 years from now (perhaps in the same Fridays).

2. Put "Up": On our way to the movie, Jess let me in on the secret that she and Stef had made earlier that day (the one each swore not to tell anyone). Stef had promised to pay Jess 25 cents if Jess would leave any room Stef and her friends were in. Jess was so excited at the thought of getting money that I didn't have the heart to tell her that Stef was using bribery to put up with her sister.

3. Movie "Up": Jess and I saw the movie Up. It was a great movie, although Jess was a little scared at some of the scenes. As we walked to the car, she was telling me the parts that she thought was scary. As we got in the car she said, "Maybe we can see the movie with Steffi later this summer" (please refer back to bullet 1, sentence 1).