Monday, April 19, 2010

Catching Up

Here's a few of the things I've been doing with the girls since the last post...

Daddy/Daughter Dance: Stef and I had a great time at the Daddy/Daughter Dance. This time we actually spent most of the time dancing with each other. She had such a great time that she said she wants to stick with girl scouts another year so we can go to the dance again. Funny line of the night - we were one of the first ones there, so we went through the buffet line and ate, and were finished before any of her friends showed up. So Stef and I are just standing around - music is playing but without a DJ, every one's still eating, the place is half empty. After about three minutes, she asks me to bend down and she says, "Daddy, I don't know what to do." At that moment, neither did I. We got a cookie.

Soccer: I've been able to sneak out of work to check out Jessica soccer practices the last two weeks. She is still very aggressive going after the ball; I think it's because she's been playing for a couple of years now. There's two looks that crack me up - one is the scowl when someone blocks one of her shots, the other is the distain she shows towards anyone who tries to push her off the ball. She has the eye of the tiger (notice it's tiger with a lower case "t"; not eye of the Tiger, which is evidently an extremely wandering eye.)

Class Trip: I was a chaperon for Jessica's class trip to Jenkinson's aquarium on Friday. We learned all about seals, sharks, penguins and all different types of fish. Prior to the tour, we played some arcade games where Jesse informed me that "if there was a professional skeeball team I would be on it."

I was in charge of keeping an eye on Jesse and one of her friends, who would be on a pro Rock Paper Scissors team if there was one, as evidenced by her repeated domination of Jess and I throughout lunch and the bus ride home. She leans toward paper but knowing this didn't help me.

Talent Show: Stef and Jess were amazing in the talent show. Stef did a solo ("The Climb") and a dance number with three of her friends - both of which were fantastic. Jess did a group number to The Gummi Bear song - and was dancing and smiling the whole time. She told me that next year she wants to do a solo herself and also a song with Stef. She also told me at dinner that celery should be called "watery" because I told her celery is mostly water, a fact that didn't make her want to eat celery any more than I do.

Games: Jess and I have been playing the World's Longest Game of Balloon Lagoon, a very fun game that we have been playing in five minute increments over the last week. At the very least she gets ready for school quicker so we can play.

Music: The Bruce Springsteen channel on Sirius is the default radio station I play in the car. I'm a sucker for any bootleg version of Kitty's Back. Anyway, Stef still believes every band I listen to features a singer that screams rather than sings. I recently played her Nirvana live to show her that screaming singers is a relative term.