Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Giants MVP - DVR

The NFL season has only just begun, but already my MVP is the DVR. The DVR allowed me to watch today's Giants game at my own pace, which meant watching the first three series, turning on the grill, watching a series, cooking on the grill, watching a few series, eating dinner in the backyard with the family, watching the game until half time, then a short bike ride with Jess, followed by another series and a longer bike ride with Jess - you get the picture. Prior to getting a DVR, my options were to try and tape the game on the VCR and just pick it up from the beginning when it was over; usually I would turn on the game in the middle of the third quarter because I either had a) the opportunity to do so or b) I couldn't wait any longer to see what the heck was happening.

I love spending time with the girls on the weekend, and thanks to my MVP DVR, I can do so and still follow Big Blue, even if it's 45 minutes to 2 hours behind everybody else.

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