Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What My Kids Did On Their Summer Vacation

Okay, need to get back to blogging. Will try harder.

This summer the girls discovered the thrill of roller coasters. We went to Hershey Park and rode basically every coaster they had. The wooden ones were awesome - very big, loud, rickety and bone jarring like a wooden coaster should. Jesse is especially fun to ride a coaster with - she talks a mile a minute throughout the entire climb up, then switches between screaming and talking through the rest of the ride. We also went on steel coasters that went upside down. I felt like I was a kid again.

We spent a decent amount of time at the pool this summer. The girls do all sorts of flips and handstands for hours on end.

We did get to ride waves in the ocean again, at both Ocean City and LBI. We also checked out the water parks - we had a blast. I might have been more scared than the girls on some of the drops. They are pretty fearless.

Jesse and I also managed to squeeze in a lot of video games. She is the queen of playing all kinds of games, and we had many a battle on mini-golf.

I also introduced the girls to a summer ritual from my childhood - a long game of Monopoly. The whole family played one Saturday, and it was fun watching the girls wheel and deal with each other. That Monday I came home from work and the board was out on the dining room table; I assume the girls quickly learned the game isn't fun when it's two people.

The girls are fully back into the swing of things at school, and the fall has lots of fun things going on. But summer is still the best.

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