Monday, November 17, 2008


When you're in your twenties you love Saturday night, but when you're...older...and have children you can really look forward to Sundays.

This past Sunday meant:
  • Watching Steffi sing in the children's choir at Mass, where she looks very grown up
  • Raking leaves with Jessica (she came flying out the door after first saying she'd rather stay inside)
  • Going to the family swim at the Y, which has become the late fall and winter "must do" activity
  • A dinner at Friday's where we recapped the swimming excitement

In between I watched two football games on DVR, including the Giants game, without hearing the score. I went to the Y sans any Giants hat or sweatshirt so no one would tell me what a great game I just missed. I even got to several sections of the Sunday Times, where I'm pretty sure I read that Henry Paulson's next bailout idea involves handing out George and Mary Bailey's $2,000 honeymoon money.

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