Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A quick list of what I'm most thankful for with the girls (in no particular order):
  • Bike rides with Steffi
  • Watching gymnastics class
  • Telling me what they did in school that day, and being proud when they say it
  • Jesse running to the door to watch me leave in the morning
  • Playing basketball with Steff at the Y
  • That every vacation is the best vacation they've ever had
  • Taking the girls to Bowcraft
  • Riding waves all day with Steffi at LBI
  • Jessica helping rake leaves and asking for a giant leaf pile
  • Both girls asking me "which team do you want to win?" when they see me watching football and then cheering for that team
  • Jessica asking if I can stay home from work so I can play with her
  • Being into music
  • Steffi always looking out for Jess
  • Going to the movies
  • Wiffle ball in the front yard
  • The girls laughing hysterically about hiking a football and yelling "hut...hut...hike"
  • Jesse telling me not to put cheese on her bologna sandwich even though I did that once and it was about 2 years ago
  • Pretending I don't see Jessica playing spy even though I can hear and see her
  • The countless notes and drawings they give to me
  • The goodnight kiss and hug
  • The daddy daughter dance with Stef
  • Taking Stef to the Jonas Brothers at MSG
  • Playing Go Fish
  • Having Jess explain the rules to a board game to me, even if I have a 35 year head start on her
  • Playing ping pong with Steffi
  • Laughing every day
  • Finding myself saying "you know, the kids are alright" pretty regularly

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Jenn said...

Who cares what Gogo says? There is nothing wrong with being Thankful!