Monday, May 3, 2010

Mac & Cheese & A Nice Gesture

Last night we got home after celebrating their cousin's first communion. The girls were hot, tired, and hungry. Stef asked if they could have Stouffer's Mac and Cheese, a default meal that always satisfies. I said yes, unloaded the car, took out the garbage, and came back in the kitchen to see Stef already over by the microwave. I figured I would fix the girls dinner (after all, you only need the microwave) but Stef said "It's okay daddy, I already made Jessica's and now I just need to make mine." Okay, it's just a small gesture but I love that Stef thought of her sister over herself. I'm pretty sure Jessica was oblivious to the whole thing but it was just the latest example that shows me that Stef will always look out for Jess.

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