Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pay? I'd Play This Game for Free

Because the girls both play and enjoy soccer, we recently took them to a Red Bulls game. I wanted to show them how many of the skills the girls have and the techniques their coaches talk about translate at the professional level. It was also an excuse to get them to ANY professional sporting event. I've often mentioned going to a baseball game, but it is met with the same response I'd have if someone asked me to go to a Sarah Palin fundraiser. Going to a football game is out ("too violent" and "too much falling down" according to the girls) as is basketball (no interest) and hockey (are adults even interested in hockey at this point?)

The game was great, the girls had a lot of fun, and they were amazed at the players. During the game, we started talking about professional soccer in general. I told them soccer hasn't been as successful as other sports in the U.S., but players can still make a great salary. Stef interjected, "They get paid? I thought they were doing this for our entertainment." I explained that they were doing it for our entertainment and yes they were getting paid; in fact the two are intertwined.

Jess was looking out on the field during this exchange, then leaned into me and asked, "Daddy, I could get PAID to play soccer?" "Yes, you can get paid to play soccer if you work really hard and are very good at it." I think the wheels started turning in her head, processing how to become the first professional artist/soccer player.

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