Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fresh Perspective

Last night the fam was in the car and we passed a Subway (the sandwich shop, not the rail system) and I said, "I haven't had a Subway Sandwich since Steffi got sick eating one." Jessica asked, "What do you mean Steffi got sick eating from Subway?" After we all explained the particulars of Steffi's first experience with what we expect was food poisoning, Jessica seemed outraged. "Wait a minute, you mean Subway EAT FRESH from the commercials?" Their food is fresh!" Loren explained that while Subway makes fresh food, perhaps this particular store didn't follow all the rules. Jessica mumbled something about "they should all be fresh" and got her first "taste" of how reality doesn't always match an advertising claim.

I don't have the heart to tell her about BP's ten year "beyond petroleum" advertising campaign touting, clean, renewable energy sources and environmentally conscious practices.

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AliG said...

Definitely don't ever let her know how chicken nuggets are made...